Environmental, social, and corporate


Caliber Core Values


At Caliber Resource Partners, we’re stewards in every sense of the word – not only of our investors’ funds but also the needs of our operating partners, royalty owners and the environment itself. Being good stewards means we will not risk harm to one to benefit another.


Relationships are the core of everything we do. For us, values like integrity, honesty, and excellence are simply non-negotiable. We approach every relationship with transparency that works for all parties – and leads to long-term, mutually beneficial relationships.


We’ve seen “swing for the fences” strategies end in failure for many companies within the energy industry. We believe maintaining appropriate balance and taking a measured approach to our investments will result in long-term out performance.


Caliber promotes independence, diversity and acceptance. Our Caliber community is one of a kind and our success wouldn’t be possible without a tightly woven, integrated team that understands the importance of collaborative teamwork.

Promoting environmental safety in the field – from the office

As a non-operating upstream energy investor, we don’t drill, extract or physically move hydrocarbons. We invest with operators across the energy space who are known to be trustworthy and who drill, extract and transport responsibly sourced hydrocarbons.

Upstream Energy Investment Company Team | Caliber Resource Partners

Sound environmental policy goes hand in hand with sustainable energy investing.

Our capital follows operators with values that align with our own. Our operators have reputations of being transparent, ecologically responsible and environmentally safe. They work hard to stay in full compliance with all laws and regulations. 

Caliber Cares about…

The environment, social responsibility and safety

Caliber partners with operators who have best-in-class practices to prevent, protect and mitigate safety and environmental hazards. Protection of lands, employees, contractors, property owners and surrounding communities is always in focus with the industry’s best operators. Most voluntarily participate in programs to not just prevent negative outcomes, but to constantly improve positive outcomes previously achieved.

Our people

Caliber promotes diversity in the workplace, empowering our people to make a difference in our industry and community. We believe in supporting operators and industry organizations whose actions generate long-term positive outcomes for the community, employees and all other stakeholders.